How much time are you and your team spending on gathering data for reports? How much time are you spending creating reports? Don’t re-invent the wheel, use Dashboard’s products to automate the data gathering & Report creation process.


The industry’s premier Data Analytics and Reporting product provides a comprehensive Enterprise view of Dealergroup Accounting and Operational performance.   Executive Eye is customizable, flexible and uniquely tailored to each individual Dealergroup.

Executive Eye 3.0

Actionable Business Intelligence at your fingertips, before it is too late! Executive Eye 3.0 is enterprise -level reporting to help measure and manage your business!

We save the CEO, CFO, COO, & Operators hours each month by providing unparalleled reporting solutions at their fingertips.

Like our over 750 clients, your team will receive a ‘single version of the truth’ view at the state of your business.

Executive Eye 3.0

The Executive Eye alerts you to Operational and Accounting Issues requiring your attention throughout your Enterprise. Drill down from Enterprise to Dealership reports, analysis and journal detail. There is also an App library of custom client built reports.

Streamline your Business

Stop wasting timing building Reports, spend more time analyzing them!

Dealer 1000

Join the club of Elite dealer groups across the country by sharing their best practices and success models.

Customizable Apps

DDE provides dealers Reporting that they actually want to use, integrating into their culture and existing reporting practices.

Introducing the new Executive Eye 3.0 responsively designed information on the go. Encapsulating & Delivering Dealership business fundamentals as a service!  Secured with two factor authentication.

Executive Eye has allowed our business to thrive in the area of Business Intelligence

Ron Haggin


Enterprise Reporting

Look at all of your stores, side by side, quick and easy.

KPI Alerts

Focus your time on what’s important, filter out the noise.

12 Month Vendor Spend

'Expense Creep' is a constant battle. Find out how much you are spending, both at the enterprise and store level, with each vendor over the last 12 months.

Consolidated Doc Reports

Get the doc you’ve always wanted for your group.  Look at your dealergroup as a whole, not just store by store.

Best Practices Library of Apps

Join the nearly 600 stores across the country who building and sharing their ideas about Analytics and Reporting.  The best of the best!

Email Reports

Deliver reports as often as you want, in the format you want, with the information you want.

“Dashboard provides exemplary service and support. Their reporting solutions allow our organization to function in a big data environment which allows us to operate at a higher level of proficiency than we might otherwise. Their user designed reports have had a dramatic and positive impact on how we conduct our daily business”

Wayne Fortier, Stevenson Automotive